Wolf Weekly-Sept 3

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Prairie Wolf to Sponsor Red Brick Cruise

On Saturday, October 10, Guthrie will host its first Red Brick Cruise at the Beacon Drive-In. We will start with a car cruise downtown at 5:30 pm and end at the Drive-In with live music and a movie! More details soon!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Sept 16: Chamber Coffee, 9:30 am at the Distillery (124 E Oklahoma, Guthrie)

Thurs, Sept 24: Bar Cicchetti/PW Dinner, 6 pm at Bar Cicchetti (121 NE 2nd St, OKC)

Saturday, Oct 10: Red Brick Cruise, 6 pm at the Beacon Drive-In (2404 S. Division, Guthrie)

Sanitizer Sale

  • 50 mL $0.50

  • 4 oz $1.50

  • 8 oz $3

  • 16 oz $2

  • 20 oz $2

  • 64 oz $20

Spirit Trivia of the Week

If you or your pet has accidentally consumed antifreeze, vodka can be used as an antidote!

Retailer of the Week

In the need for some Prairie Wolf in Norman?! The Spirit Shop is fully stocked!

Cocktail Recipe of the Week

Spiked Elderflower Lemonade:

1 1/2 cups Elderflower Cordial

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice (from 2 to 3 lemons), plus lemon rounds, for serving

8 ounces vodka, chilled

Ice cubes, for serving

Divide cordial, lemon juice, and vodka among 8 ice-filled glasses. Top with seltzer; stir.

Construction update

Things are looking a little different around here...stay tuned!

Rave Reviews

"Love your Gin! So delicious I can drink it on the rocks!” -Gail V.

"Just gifted two bottles out of state. Such a fan!" -Blade D.

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