Wolf Weekly-march 11

Retailer of the Week

Sandtrap Lounge at Cimarron National Golf Course in Guthrie


Sanitizer is just $1.50 for all sizes!

(8 oz, 16 oz, and 20 oz)

Go to www.prairiewolfspirits.com/shop to order online or come by the distillery at 124 E Oklahoma!

Spirit Trivia of the Week

According to the famous writer H. L. Mencken, 17,864,392,788 different cocktails could be make from the ingredients in a well-stocked bar.

Cocktail Recipe of the Week


Rye Whiskey 2oz

Prairie Wolf Dark 1oz

Sweet Vermouth .5oz

Orange Bitters 3 dashes

Glass : coupe

Preparation: stir/strain

Garnish: orange twist

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