Protect your self and your family from germs and bacteria with a half-gallon of hand sanitizer. Our sanitizer is made using the World Health Organization-approved formula. 



This is the WHO recipe for local production and is a liquid, not gel.

  1. Biochemist on staff
  2. FDA guided liquid sanitizer; FDA Labeler Code 73891
  3. COA Available
  4. SDS Available
  5. Ingredients: 80% Ethanol, H2O2, Glycerol, Water

1/2 Gallon Hand Sanitizer (Liquid Refill Jug)

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  • The 1/2 gallon jug is best suited as a refill bottle for personal-sized spray or squirt nozzle-capped bottles. In a spray application, this product will also disinfect surfaces such as steering wheels, door handles, tools, etc.

  • This product is fragrance-free. We are not permitted to add anything other than what the FDA has approved, and none of these ingredients are for improving the smell or consistency of ethanol. It will smell like a sanitizing solution, which is exactly what it is. We cannot recommend the addition of essential oils or gelling substances, but if you do choose to alter the sanitizer, ensure that you do not lower the strength of the ethanol to below 60% by volume.

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