Loyal Gin, Prairie Wolf Vodka, Prairie Wolf DARK

Loyal Gin, Prairie Wolf Vodka, Prairie Wolf DARK

Loyal Gin

We at Prairie Wolf Spirits set out to produce a gin that would satisfy true gin purists as well as introduce novice gin drinkers to a distinctive and enthralling spirit. Loyal Gin is our answer. Its otherwise traditional botanical mix contains a unique component, green tea. The Gunpowder green tea varietal used is sourced from a local teashop.

Its smooth mouthfeel and delicate flavor add a certain drinkability to the spirit. Our still has a custom-built botanical basket that vapor infuses this proprietary blend in very small batches for a clean, fresh taste. Loyal Gin gets its name from the small town in Oklahoma where Prairie Wolf Ranch is located.

Prairie Wolf Vodka

Our Prairie Wolf Vodka is distilled to the purest form attainable, then gently finished with our water to bring it down to strength. The purity of the spirit, combined with the perfect blending water gives our vodka its distinctive clean and markedly smooth taste.

Prairie Wolf DARK

Our coffee liqueur, DARK, is a truly unique product. Unlike other coffee liqueurs, our beans are grown in America and Kona Valley certified. Also, our ingredients are all-natural, we use absolutely no flavorings or colorings. Our beans are artfully roasted in Oklahoma then gently blended with vanilla, molasses and pure cane sugar. Lastly, DARK is blended with the purest spirit we know, Prairie Wolf Vodka, to form a unique, all-natural, American grown, Oklahoma made liqueur.